Interweave Board 2018

Louise French 

Photo of Louise French

Louise French has been running a full service advertising and marketing agency since 1990, originally in her home country of England, and now in Australia since her migration twelve years ago. On relocating to Launceston seven years ago Louise took on a Permanent Part Time role as Exhibition and Graphic Designer for the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG). As French Designs, since arriving in Tasmania, Louise has favoured working with Not-for-Profit organisations such as Headspace, Bush Heritage, Design Tasmania, and Lifeline.  In her spare time Louise is an avid gardener and had created an urban farm in her backyard. She loves all animals and has a menagerie of dogs, cats, chickens and goldfish! She is also a keen traveller and regularly takes off in a camper around Australia or Europe.

Kim Schneiders

Photo of Kim Schneiders

Kim Schneiders is an arts practitioner, teacher, education consultant and project manager in Launceston, Tasmania.  A dynamic member of the community she is Founding Director of Interweave Arts, Co-ordinator of Access Arts Link and heads the Visual Arts department at Lilydale District School.   In 1998 she founded Interweave Arts with a focus on community, education, culture and environment.  Kim has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy to ensuring the arts is inclusive.Art at its most powerful, initiates conversations, stimulates debate and gets people thinking.  In alignment with its mission to use art as a tool to facilitate healthy and wholistic living. Interweave aims to present community art projects which contribute to the current shift in modern western cultures from mourning death to celebrating life past and present.

Joanna Pinkiewicz

Photo of Joanna Pinkiewicz

Joanna Pinkiewicz is a polish born Visual Artist, living and working in Tasmania.  She works with paper, drawings, printing and assemblage. In 2018 she was selected as a finalist in The Glover Art Prize for landscape with her mixed media work “The Deeds Registry”.  Joanna is also a teacher of Art and Design, believing in affordable and accessible art education for people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and all abilities.  Joanna sees the Arts as having an important cultural significance in enriching and strengthening individuals sense of value and growth. This in turn benefiting our community and our capacity to heal, celebrate and create together.

Ro Blaney

Photo of Ro Blaney

Ro Blaney’s qualifications include a Degree in Psychology and English with a Diploma of Teaching as well as the Tasmanian Teaching Certificate and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She has over 30 years experience in both primary and senior secondary education, specializing in psychology, child development, children’s play, disability and early childhood education and child care.

Carmencita Palermo

Photo of Carmencita Palermo

Carmencita Palermo is a researcher with a PhD on Balinese mask dance-drama Topeng from the University of Tasmania (Australia), an intercultural mask performer, a choreographer of community dance-theatre and an event organiser. Her performance and teaching practices explore the dynamics of interaction between body, masks, music, audience and environment in different cultural and performative contexts. Her work is driven by a strong interest for true dialogue between cultures, abilities and ages through the arts. By performing, teaching and organising events I have been facilitating encounters between artists, communities, teachers and students from different cultural backgrounds in Indonesia, Europe, Brazil and Australia. Her articles are publised in several international academic journals such as Asian Theatre Journal, Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, Indonesia and the Malay World,Journal of Theatre, Dance and Performance Training(rTDP).Carmencita Palermo is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, where she is teaching and researching about Balinese women in contemporary arts, literature and performance.

Tim Breward

Photo of Tim Breward

Tim Breward: Chartered Accountant and Certified Tax Advisor.  A Managing Principal of Launceston based Chartered Accounting firm, Johnson Breward Brown.  A locally owned accounting firm with a diverse client base covering: service and professional businesses, mining, manufacturing, retail and primary production.  Tim has had a strong involvement with community organisations over the years, currently being involved on the Board of his youngest daughter’s school.  With his eldest daughter involved in the InterWEave program Tim can see the benefits this organisation provides to the youth of Launceston and is looking forward to being involved as Treasurer.

Justine Kelly

Photo of Justine Kelly

Justine Kelly has a masters degree in art psychotherapy and her areas of expertise are program development and evaluations for not for profit community organisations and healthcare providers.  She has more than 10 years experience in developing and facilitating art programs for community and minority groups.  Justine gives her time as a volunteer with the interweave organisation and currently runs the Open Studio Art Group which she began in 2017.  She has donated art supplies and equipment for the use in Interweave art programs and facilitates contact with other networks, affiliations and art supply donors. Justine has community connections in education, entertainment, sports, healthcare, hospitality, Social Services and small businesses which utilise to support Interweave art programs. Justine feels it is her mission to empower communities. Her desire to give back to her community motivates her to serve at Interweave Arts.

Caitlin Street

Photo of Caitlin Street

25 years of media/corporate photography provided Caitlin Street with both creative and social understandings that were foundations for completing a Masters of Visual Art at VCA and a PhD on creative cognitions. She built and ran a contemporary ARI gallery in Melbourne, and have an award winning arts practice. Caitlin is active in community groups, including Art on Track in the North East, and look forward to sharing my knowledge with Interweave Arts.

Mat Carey

Photo of Mat Carey

Mat Carey is a visual artist.  He completed his Bachelor in Contemporary Art and was awarded First Class Honours, He also completed a masters in the same field.  He has worked on the Board for Sawtooth ARI, Launceston, an artist run initiative for the contemporary arts, and Installs artwork professionally for The University of Tasmania, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, and Sawtooth ARI.