InterweaveArts @ MOFO

InterweaveArts is at MOFO 2020 Find out more Below or check us out on Mofo’s website

Patche with Go Pro

Patches MOFO – link to our Facebook for the feed

The crew at Interweave are going to strap a camera to Patche the companion pooch and set him loose at the Festival Hub. Go to the Interweave Arts studio to watch the livestream of his adventures, and to check out Interweave’s other festival projects: Jay’s Trail and Re-Embody.

Linkto our Facebook for the feed

Jays Trail

Find Jay! Be on the look out for 3 large pop art style heads of Jay to Laugh Loud, Give a Hug; Shake & Dance to. (This work is a tribute to our special Interweave member) Commencing at Interweave Arts Studio.


Re-embody - with Studio Space Theatre Company at Junction 2019


Roving performances of illuminated kinetic sculptures inscribing lights in the night.
Sunday 19th
Day-time 4-4.30pm with Studio Space Theatre Company
Night-time 9.30-10pm with Interweave Arts Crew and friends.

Interweave Arts Studio Gallery

open to showcase art and meet artists. Starting point for Jays Trail and to view Patches delayed / live broadcast.